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Schedule 2024


Brancion Goes Medieval!

Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21

For one weekend, travel back in time and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Brancion between the 13th and 15th centuries, during the era of the Capetian and Valois Dukes. Knights, archers, pikemen, and craftsmen will take over the castle and the streets of the medieval site of Brancion! Do not hesitate to come and meet them to (re)discover Brancion!

Present Companies

Nearly 70 knights, ladies, craftsmen, and entertainers will bring Brancion to life during this festive weekend.

The Knights of the Black Order
Teutonic knights of the 13th and 14th centuries: camp life (daily and military life), archery and crossbow stands, embroidery, coin minting workshop, candy catapult.

The Ost of the Phoenix
Reconstruction of a camp with men-at-arms under the reign of Charles VI: military exercises, combat, black powder shooting.

The War of the Crowns
Reconstruction of a late 14th-century camp: camp life with culinary, clothing, and calligraphy demonstrations, military review and pay distribution, chivalric tournament on the theme of the Knights of the Round Table, military maneuvers.

Gallina Solaris
15th-century knights' camp life: cannon shooting, combat, weapons and armor presentation workshops, chainmail making, and weaving.

The Descendants of Tubalcain
Blacksmith demonstrations and animations.

Demonstration of glassblowing and glass stretching.

Ensemble Kalandria
Medieval music: mini concerts in the church, parades, and presentation of ancient instruments.

Tapaillo, a King's Fool
Parades and animations in the village and the castle.


  • Five camps in the village
  • Parades and combat
  • Archery
  • Artillery shooting
  • Blacksmithing and glassblowing
  • Medieval market
  • Candy catapult
  • And for the first time, a grand chivalric tournament themed "The Knights of the Round Table."

Medieval Memory Association / 2024 in Brancion

Dates and Times

Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21 from 10 AM to 6 PM

Admission Prices (including entry to the castle and all activities)

Adults 1 day: €11 (with a screen-printed ecocup)
Children aged 5 to 16: €5
Free for children under 5

Craft Markets in Brancion - 2024

Craft Markets Poster in Brancion 2024

Discover the dates of the craft markets organized by the Guild of Maoline under the halls of Brancion. Join us to celebrate the following events:


  • 3/4 February - Candlemas


  • 30/31 March - Easter


  • 1 April - Easter


  • 1 May - Labor Day
  • 8/9 May - Ascension
  • 18/19/20 May - Pentecost


  • 22/23 June - Music Festival


  • 6/7 July
  • 13/14 July
  • 27/28 July


  • 3/4 August
  • 10/11 August
  • 17/18 August
  • 24/25 August


  • 21/22 September - Heritage Days


  • 26/27 October - Halloween


  • 30 November
  • 1 December - Christmas Market